SBurb  Naked  Party

Welcome to the site.  Group of guys gathering naked  Every FIRST & THIRD  Monday  of the Month.  Small entry fee for a couple hours of fun. Height & Weight proportionate guys 18-50's welcomed.  Google Calendar has the details- click on location to open and view.  Hope to see you at the next event.

​​​​​​By entering this website you acknowledge and accept these rules,  each time you enter even if you bookmark a different page on the site.

 YOU agree that:

You are 18 and over
This website may be of a adult homosexual (gay) nature between male and other male(s)
No means NO.

NO DRUGS OF ANY KIND, poppers ok

 NO camera phones, pictures, or video. Please respect others privacy.

I certify I am not a member of any press organization,

 or currently engaged in any type of investigative work or expose' of any other Lifestyle activities.

I further understand that SBURB NAKED PARTY Host is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal belongings.

I understand that SBURB NAKED PARTY is not responsible:

for any loss or damage of property or any bodily injury while attending a party.

I agree to conduct myself in a manner consistent with the rules of the group.

By accepting these rules, and entering website each time,

YOU also agree that

 The Donation/Entrance fee is for group costs, and does not entitle you to any sex act.
Solicitation/Prostitution is a crime and will get you BANNED forever.
Anything that may occur between 2 or more consenting adults of legal age is simply a matter of choice among themselves.
You are not part of any law enforcement agency and do not work for any law enforcement agency.
Violation of this agreement is entrapment.

I certify that I have read and understand the Rules and will adhere to them.