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Guys gathering naked every other Monday in a location near Oakbrook.

also New Location inBOLINGBROOK - no set schedule set yet.

Please check calendar to verify dates/times of the events.

18yrs+ welcomed,  Height & Weight Proportionate guys.   BMI link (bmi under 33 please)

VIP Calendar has the details- password protected, pix required for access.

Check out the ???'s page, for questions/answers of the events.


Total # of guys that attend Oakbrook: average 65-75 guys(all day, not at the same time) 

with about 20-30 guys at its peak (3-6 pm)​.  Bolingbrook has just started and is growing.

​​​​​SwBurb Naked Group


By entering this website you acknowledge and accept these rules,  each & everytime you enter even if you bookmark a different page on the site or calendar page.    

YOU agree that:

You are at least 18+
This website/meeting event may be of a adult homosexual (gay) nature

between male and other male(s) and Nudity does NOToffend me.
No means NO.  no pressure


 NO camera, pictures, or video allowed

​I certify I am not a member of any press organization, or currently engaged in any type of investigative work or expose' of any other Lifestyle activities.

I further understand that SBURB NAKED GROUP Host is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal belongings or for any loss or damage of property or any bodily injury while attending a party.

​I agree to conduct myself in a manner consistent with the rules of the group.

 Your Donation helps with group costs, and does not entitle you to any lewd act.

I certify that I have read and understand

the Rules and will adhere to them.